This five part series produced by Diverse Productions was first shown on BBC 2.

Presented by Dan Cruickshank and Kirsty Wark,  it covered over 100 years of Britons' lives though the private collections
of home movies and the history of Britain through film.

Bluprint were contacted by Diverse Productions to contact our customers throughout the UK to find selected film footage
to be used in the programme.

Films that were included in the series were shown with full permission given from the owners.



Kingfisher Television, award-winning producers of 'Tales from the Country' and 'Safari Park' were commissioned by the BBC 
to make a series of documentary programmes 
called 'Down the Line'.

One programme, introduced by Edwina Curry explored the impact
of the notorious Beeching Report on the railways 
back in the 1960's and included Standard 8mm film
of historic steam engines.

Bluprint transferred the films for Kingfisher Television
to digital videotape, which was then edited into the programme.
'Down the line' was broadcast on BBC1.



Channel 4 are known for their original and innovative seasons  
of film shorts produced by independent production companies.
Century Films, a
ward winning documentary filmmakers
decided to make their latest drama using Super 8mm film stock.

Because Channel 4 does not broadcast 8mm film, we
transferred the developed 8mm films to digital videotape.
The tapes were then edited into film shorts and broadcasted
on Channel 4.



Over the years Bluprint has transferred many films of historical and collectable value so they can be viewed at auction.

Sotherbys in London required some 8mm cine film taken of the Beatles to be transferred to videotape for preview.

The film showed the fab four arriving outside the BBC Paris radio studio in an old Bedford van and it shows them smiling
and joking in front of the camera.

We also transferred original amateur film of the Beatles on location in Wales during the making of the 'Magical Mystery Tour'  
TV programme.

Other films transferred have included the documentary maker Alan Whicker (Whickers World) on location and pop groups from the 1950's and 60's plus original film taken during the Vietnam war by an American soldier.

Click here to see a selection of cine film we have transferred for our customers with their permission.