Cine Transfer to DVD/Mini DV Service

Here you can see some films that have been sent to us to transfer.
We would like to thank all our customers who have kindly allowed us to share these with you and also for the comments below.

Thank you for your email and for the DVD's with the cine transfers. The quality of the films were excellent and we found your service efficient and speedy, we were throughly satisfied.           
Mr Bob Whittle, Storrington, West Sussex

Thank you so much for transferring our rediscovered 16mm films            of a royal visit from the 1930's. They really are extraordinary,
and a revelation to us! 

Sally Xerri-Brooks, Head of Communications, The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham

Just to say a huge thank you for the DVD transfer from Cine film.
We have watched the DVD's and found the quality to be fantastic.

Jonathan Short, Bishopthorpe, York

From my initial telephone call to watching my films on DVD I couldn't be more pleased with what you have done. Everyone I spoke to were friendly and my parcel arrived in plenty of time for our daughter's wedding as discussed. It's nice to know that there are still people that can provide a personal service. top job guys! 
Mr and Mrs Castillo, London

Just to let you know that my parents really enjoyed the DVD of their movies. It was a surprise present for their anniversary and everyone commented on how good it was. Could you supply another two DVD copies, no rush this time! 
Janice and Peter Knight. Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Received my cine films and Hard drive earlier today and wanted to thank you. The films look fantastic and better then expected. The colour film of Blackpool tower and the beach with my mum and the ten year old version of me brought back happy memories. My uncle is interested in having his cine and videos transferred so I will give him your details, thanks again. 
Harry Strong, Preston, Lancashire.

Many thanks for transferring a very random bunch of film for me. I only got around to looking at it during the Christmas holiday because, as I previously explained, I am still involved with making films and present activities took precedence over past ones.
As a result of your efforts I discovered footage that I had completely forgotten about. There was for example, quite a lot on Hoy, filmed when it was scarcely habited. We were taken there on a fishing boat and severe gales meant that a few days later they couldn't get us off again.

The unedited batch of film brought back memories of adventuresome times. It is probably evident that I was a teacher by profession and in addition to working in three schools in Lancashire, I was closely involved with an outdoor activities centre, hence film of tents in all kinds of unlikely places. The fact that you have got this into a state that I can use will please some of the students who are now senior citizens and have on occasions, asked if there was any chance of them getting copies as a reminder of their youth!.

I think the quality of the transfers is remarkable for 8 mm film over 50 years old. It is down to three things, the Leica camera which was used (good lenses and a very precise gate) the exceptional quality of the light in some of the locations (Shetland and Iceland especially) and top class transfer by Bluprint. 

Ken and Jean Holgate, Cliviger, Burnley.

Hi Susanne  I thought the service was impeccable. Fast, informative and correct. John gave me brilliant email communication too. Even among all the Christmas chaos these files could not have been returned to me any quicker than they were. I would highly recommend your services again. 
Kate Heath

This is a very quick quick email to thank you for all your hard work in putting our reels of Super 8 onto DVD - they're lovely and we're thrilled to bits with them. All being well, I will be in touch with you again when we're found any other reels and/or some videocam tapes. All best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.  
Gill and Peter Waines, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

The three separate sets of 8mm films you digitized for me have been consistently excellent, much better than I could have hoped for from old films. We also loved the design of the DVDs and cases. I cannot recommend your services highly enough and you are more than welcome to use any of our films as you wish for your publicity. 
Brian Manton, Countesthorpe, Leicester.

I have viewed the DVD, it was better than I expected. The cutting together of the films was very good, and the contact between me and your staff was very very good. I was nervous about sending the films as they were so old and irreplaceable, but after speaking to you on the phone my mind was set at ease. Can't thank you enough for everything. 
Andy Carlick, Leicester, Leicestershire.

Very quick turnaround extremely happy with the end result. Thank you 
Rachael Roach, Arlington Enterprises Ltd, Charlotte Street, London.

We would like to say a big thank you for copying the 4 super 8mm films recently of some cricket from the 1980s and of our son 20 years ago to DVD and Quicktime files.
We are especially grateful for the quick turnaround of the material. They were loaded up on to Facebook that evening for the cricket club to share and enjoy. We set them to music and they have made a lot of people very happy. 

Sue and Martin Smith, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

I would just like to say that I am very satisfied with the service you provided to me. I have now had an opportunity to look at one of the DVDs and - although it shows 30 year old films, with all the consequent picture / sound deterioration that that entails - I am well pleased with the quality of pictures I'd not been able to view for many years.  
Geoff McElwaine, County Down, Northern Island.

Very happy with the service received, the time taken to complete the transfer, the competitive pricing and the digital files. The whole family were so excited to see the footage - those films are such a special part of our family history. I would definitely recommend The Bluprint Partnership to anyone. 
Julie Morgan, Berkhampstead. Hertfordshire.

We just received back the copies of my boss’s videos that you skilfully transferred from VHS to DVD for us.  He is extremely pleased with the quality of the copies, and asked me to pass on his thanks. He is also convinced that you should be charging a lot more for such a quality service! 
Barn Chapple, Korozo UK Ltd. Regents Park Road, London N3

We have skimmed the various films on the 4 DVDs, and whilst chastened by seeing our younger selves, we have been surprised by the quality of the reproduction and the quality of the images. I am very grateful for your work. 
Professor Malcolm Hollis, London SW16

My old cine 8mm reel you transferred onto DVD is excellent. ‚ÄčI will certainly be coming back. 
Steve Hodge, Luton, Bedfordshire 

We had a lot of cine film with family movies from decades ago. This treasure trove never got viewed as cine film so we decided to get it digitised. Because the film was unique and irreplaceable I did a lot of research into how to get the job done. The trial transfer of a cine reel you did for me was also transferred by another company located near you to compare quality.

The other company's prices were much lower then yours but the picture quality of the reel transferred by yourselves was far superior so we decided to go with Bluprint.

We are delighted with the result and would recommend you to anyone for your professionalism and quality/speed of results. And as for whether to transfer or not: DO IT ... it's fantastic to be able to see this footage so conveniently, to be able to edit it and take stills from it, and to preserve it from future loss or deterioration. 

Mr D. Parkinson, London W12 

 Many thanks for the safe and prompt delivery of our films. You did a professional job in processing 3,400 ft of film, in 40 or more reels, in one week.  The quality is excellent, especially of 8mm films we took when living in the USA 37 years ago! We will be pleased to provide a reference if needed.  
Mr Barclay, Newmarket

E Mail of a referral requested by a potential customer

I had been been meaning to get round to converting my old super 8 cine films into a DVD and I would definately recommend that you take the plunge and contact them for a chat.

I picked them from a range of companies on the internet with no real idea of what was involved or how to judge the competence of any particular company and what they were offering.  In the end I decided to take the reels personally and  I spent about an hour with John from bluprint sorting them out. He answered all my questions clearly and explained to me what would happen next.

I had chosen their 'edit manager' service as we had never labeled our films with places and dates and I wanted them to run on the DVD in a logical order. The service also included added background music and captions which was just what I wanted.

Soon afterwards the films were delivered back to me by Special Delivery with what they call a 'draft DVD' which contained all my films and it also had a timer at the bottom of the picture.

I just watched the DVD and wrote down the changes I wanted - where a film needed to be moved or edited out and leaving on the good bits.  
I could also change the running order and what I wanted to have removed.  I returned all my notes with my editing instructions and the words I wanted on the captions.

Throughout the final process they were great.  John, phoned me several times to make absolutely certain of some changes I had made and than a few weeks later, back came the finished DVD with captions and music.

The pictures looked better then I expected and I even saw images in dark areas that I don't remember seeing on the original film!

My DVD mostly contained the childhood of my son and daughter and as it was a surprise gift for them, they were both thrilled with the results. 
Written by Diana from South Woodford, Essex 

I have just finished editing my granddad's cine films from the digital tape you produced for me and wanted to tell you how much the family loved it. It was my grandmother's 70th birthday and the DVD was a lovely surprise for her as she had not seen the films for over thirty years! Thanks again for a great job transferring our films 
Mr Goulding (Greetings from Kent - The garden of England!)

I just wanted to thank you for the DVD's we received on Wednesday. I spent a lot of time phoning other companies before speaking to Susanne on the phone. She was very helpful in answering my questions without blinding me with science!
Thanks again, I will certainly be recommending your services.

Mrs C. Pritchard, Telford, Shropshire

Many thanks indeed. I am so pleased with the results that I just telephoned my friend with all the good news. The transfer of all those old films is simply superb 
Raymond Rourke

'Thanks for the excellent service - the DVD was a Christmas present to my father who had not seen his cine films for many years since his projector gave up. I had left it late, but it arrived for Christmas as promised.
Mr. C.H. from Derbyshire

I received my films back today - I have looked at the DVD and I am absolutely delighted.
Thank you very much indeed for your spectacular service. I have many more old 8mm films and will gradually work through them with you. Many thanks again and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. 

Mr Paul Terry, Kingston Upon Thames

I just wanted to thank you for sending my cine transfers back so quickly! It took me back 30 odd years when I watched them, mum and dad are going to be so pleased that they can watch them now without having to get out the step ladder to set up the projector, pull out the big screen and re-arrange the living room so we can all see!
It was the height of technology back then and we were the first ones in the road to have one (we had a colour TV and a new car too!) Thank you so much you have restored my faith that when we ask someone to do something, they actually do it! 

Best wishes from Michelle Hicks




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Here are some highlights from our cine transfers.

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