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Storing cine film after transfer

Try to keep your films in a dry area, preferably indoors and at constant room temperature.

You should avoid direct heat, sunlight and sources of moisture or humidity, preferably in film containers. When we return your films, they are supplied in sealed bags with Silica Gel sachets to keep them dry during storage. 

If your films are in poor condition with bad splices, you can cause even more damage to them by playing them on a cine projector. You should avoid projecting any archive or valuable films unless you have a projector that has been serviced and checked by an AV engineer before use.

Also, you do not need to clean or repair your films before sending them to us as we clean and repair film as part of the service..

When your order is completed, you can be assured that your films will be good enough to play on a serviced cine projector.


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